4 Leaf Clover Pancakes

St Patrick’s Day is coming! Will you wear green? Why wear green when you can eat green the fun way!

Easy St Patrick’s Day Breakfast – 4-Leaf clover Pancakes

I love how much excitement my boys have over every little holiday. I was never really into celebrating St Patrick’s Day until I had kids.  I especially love listening to my son tell me all about the leprechaun that is going to come to school and bring treats.  (I hope it shows up!).  He asked me every single day if it is the day where he is supposed to wear green.  Last year we made these fun Leprechaun Pancakes for St Patrick’s Day and this year we went even easier by making this easy St Patrick’s Day breakfast of 4-leaf clover pancakes!

How to Make an Easy St Patrick’s Day breakfast:

To make all you need is your favorite pancake batter, a few drops of green food coloring and a heart cookie cutter.

I have metal cookie cutters and there have been times in the past where I filled them with batter and then flipped them over when the pancakes were done to make different shapes, but now I’m finding that it is even easier to just make one huge round pancake and then cut out whatever shapes are needed.

For this 4-leaf clover pancake, mix up your pancake batter as directed and then mix in a few drops of green food coloring.  Mix it together until the color is uniform throughout and as dark as you would like.  I only used a couple of drops since I don’t really like adding too much food coloring to our food but you can do it as light or dark as you want.

Then cook one large pancake on a large griddle (or you could always do a bunch of small ones.) Make sure to cook them until they are just barely done or you will lose the green color and it will be brown.  Once they are cool enough to touch, cut out four small hearts for the 4 leaves of your clover.

I then arranged the four leaves on a plate and cut some of my left over pancake scraps to make the stem.  Easy!!  Anyone could do it.


This would be really fun to serve with our Rainbow Fruit Tray.

What did you make for your St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast?

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