Party Punch IX Recipe - This is the best punch I have ever tasted, and it is requested at every shower and wedding that takes place in our family and at our church. Fruit flavored gelatin is mixed with pineapple and lemon juice, then frozen. Ginger ale is then poured over the frozen juice.Alcohol Free Drinks for New Years

Celebrate New Years early with the kids. Make it fun for them with alcohol free drinks or for yourselves too if you don’t drink. You can even break out your special champagne flutes for older kids to use or buy some attractive plastic ones at the party store.


Alcohol Free Drinks for New Years

*Party Punch – everybody has their variation on punch. Try this one: Fruit flavored Jell-O, pineapple and lemon juice, then freeze. Pour ginger ale over the frozen juice.

*Mock Champagne – try using white grape juice and ginger ale. Kids will feel oh so grown up drinking this beverage!

*Banana Slush Punch – use banana citrus slush and ginger ale for this tasty concoction.

*Grandma’s Punch – the only “punch” this one pulls is the tangy fruit flavors. Use strawberry, orange and pineapple juice with ginger ale and orange sherbert.

*Snow Flake Cocoa – try this wintery twist on¬†chocolate by melting white chocolate in the slow cooker. Garnish with whipped creme and those candy canes you haven’t eaten up yet!

Enjoy these Alcohol Free Drinks for New Years with the kids!

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