Candy Corn Marshmallow People

 Need a last minute Halloween treat for the kids? You can whip these out while the kids are at school.

I made these last year and they were a total hit.  I shared the on my blog and on Facebook and they have shown up as a guest on many other blogs.  I needed to make more and take a better photo of these cuties.  I made these super-sized.  These are the jumbo marshmallows but this recipe works well with the regular size as well.  I’ll provide the information on the original vegetarian recipe and give vegan/gf options.

Candy Corn Marshmallow People Ingredients:

1 bag of marshmallows – vegan/gf can be found here

8 ounces of white chocolate – vegan option can be found here
Vegetable/canola or coconut oil
Yellow food coloring
Orange food coloring
Black gel icing tube

OR you can use colored Wilton baking chocolate in orange and yellow. One bag each is sufficient.

Candy Corn Marshmallow Directions:

You have many different options for chocolate use on this recipe – please read the entire recipe before proceeding to ensure that melting is optimized and you don’t have any issues.

If using the colored Wilton chocolate melts, melt according to the package directions and then follow directions below.  Of course adding food coloring isn’t necessary.

If using melting chips, wafters in white chocolate or chocolate in bar form – chop the chocolate into very small pieces for easier melting (melt in a double boiler or in the microwave on the defrost setting).  Set the time for small increments, like 30 seconds and remove and stir.  If using a double boiler, bring a small saucepan filled with about 1/4 way up filled with water to a boil and place an oven-safe bowl over the top.  The water below should not be touching the bowl.  Add the chocolate and melt slowly, whisking frequently. Once the chocolate is completely melted, you may add a bit of oil to the chocolate if needed to loosen it up.  I start with a small amount, 1 teaspoon and add more if necessary.

Pour the chocolate into two separate bowls and add your food coloring (if using white chocolate and not the colored Wilton chocolate).  Add the coloring and whisk.  Dip your marshmallow in the orange first about 1/3 of the way up and then set on some parchment paper.  Proceed throughout the marshmallows doing the orange.  Placing your dipped marshmallows on a platter or a table lined with parchment. Once the chocolate is set up and firm, repeat with the yellow and only coat half way up the orange color.  Again, let that set up.  Using a gel tube of black icing, gently make two eyes and let that set up before bagging (this seems to take the longest).   Avoid putting too much of a dot for the eyes or they will drip.  Enjoy!

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