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Crayola Experience is not just about a shiny new box of Crayolas and a fresh sheet of drawing paper, it is so much more interactive and engaging with over 22 hands on activities. It is so hard to imagine what exhibits will be like and how kids will engage with this new “Wonderland” so I wanted to make sure moms knew Crayola Experience was absolutely worth your time! The only way I got my five year old out of there was promising we would come back!

The age range is pretty broad…really something for everyone 2 and up. I think any 2-12 year old will have a blast including super active balls of energy and more mellow kids. My four kids are 18mo old, five, six and seven (whew!) and I think everything at the Crayola Experience was perfect for the three big kids. My Baby still could play in toddler town but under three is free anyway. I have two high energy (some times exhausting) kids and they can definitely burn a lot of energy here. For my calmer child who doesn’t like crowds, he has enough sit at a table hands on activities to help him have a good time. There are a ton of interactive screens and electronic exhibitions that my older kids could sit at all day and create.

Crayola Experience has definitely hit the mark for appealing to a mass audience! There is some activities where parents will need to be hands on helping (such as melting crayolas) but other activities for school aged children where parents can sit back in a chair and take a mental break!

There are so many exhibits to see and engage with, it seems impossible to get thru it all in one visit. We didn’t get to all of it and I had to peel my kids out of a exhibits just to move on so we could do more stuff!!

Below is a list of the activities we LOVED and can’t wait to do again. If you go at a high traffic time, try to get there right when it opens and hit these first.

1) mold a Crayola. This is a whole process to melt the Crayola color of your choice and make a car or a ring from a mold. My son wanted to stand in line for this about five times and can’t wait to do this again. Hit this when there is no line!

2) Drip Art with melted Crayola crayons to make a swirly-whirly masterpiece. My kids would have made hundreds of these if time allowed.

3) Wrap It Up to create your very own authentic Crayola crayon. This was so fun and easy enough for my five year old to do with minimal help!

So many other fun activities to do such as

We also loved the Toddler Town and the sidewalk chalk exhibit where you could draw on the walls, floors and the truck. I think this is also worth doing before it gets busier. Snap a photo where it prints you in a color page. This doesn’t even cover all of the activities we loved so I highly recommend getting a membership. You will want to come back and parents will love how busy it keeps the kids, especially when it’s too hot or too cold to go outside. My family can’t wait to go back and hope you have just as an amazing colorful time like we

The membership is priced at such a value if you visit more than twice it pays for itself. This is the way to go!  Plus you get discounts at the Crayola store which is full of fun awesome

merchandise. I want my kids to do some Christmas or birthday wish lists here because it had also many creative toys!

Also tokens might be a little confusing when you arrive. You receive two tokens for every ticket in your bag that will hold all your artwork treasures you will collect. You use the tokens two ways 1) to make your own Crayola and 2) picking molding clay. My kids loved both of these choices and was great to do As we were wrapping up. You can also purchase more tokens ($0.50) in the exhibit.

Hope you love Crayola Experience as much as my family did. We can’t wait to take our friends and go back!

Stephanie, Mom on the Go

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