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Edible Easter crafts are a fun activity for kids of all ages. These Easter recipes are a great way to spend some quality family time together and satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. So get out the Easter candies, get ready to bake and let’s make some edible Easter treats.

Edible Easter Crafts for Children

Easter Craft Idea #1

Edible Easter crafts are always a favorite in our house. Not only do we have a blast making these items but eating them is just as much fun. One of our favorites is an edible bird’s nest. This is a finger licking good craft project for kids of all ages.

How to Make an Edible Birds Nest


Chocolate Cake Mix
Paper cup cake holders
Cup Cake Pan
Crumbly Chocolate Bars (like Butterfingers)
Easter Candy Eggs
Marshmallow Peeps

Bake the cupcakes as directed and let cool. Give each child a cupcake, candy bars, Easter candy eggs, frosting and peeps. Have the kids frost their cupcake and then add the crumbly chocolate bar (breaking into stick like pieces) around the outer edge to form the nest. Then add Easter egg candies and the marshmallow peeps. These cute nests are totally edible and will look great at your Easter dinner table.

Edible Easter Craft Idea #2

This Easter egg “treat” tree is easy, inexpensive and delicious.

How to Make an Egg Treat Tree


Broken Tree Branch or Sticks
Empty Plastic Container (like from margarine)
Floral Foam or Styrofoam ball
Plastic Easter Eggs
Easter Candy
Hot Glue
Construction Paper

Decorate the outside of your plastic container by covering with colored construction paper. Place the floral foam in the container and stick your tree branch part way through the foam. Fill up several plastic eggs with Easter Candy. Hot glue a piece of ribbon to the top of the Easter egg. Hot glue a loop at the top of the ribbon and hang on the branch. Repeat adding eggs until you have a fun and tasty looking “treat” tree. Place this cute little tree out where everyone can grab an egg for their tasty treat.

Edible Easter Craft Idea #3

Have a wiggly, jiggly good time with jell-o mold Easter treats.

How to Make Jell-o Easter Treats


Easter Shapes Jell-o Mold
Cool Whip
Easter Candies

Make up the jell-o and pour into the mold. Let this set up. Then remove from the mold and set them on the plates. Plop on some whip cream and get ready to decorate. Using the Easter candies, decorate your jell-o Easter shape. For Easter eggs use different colored candy to make them colorful. For Easter animal shapes, add candies for the ears, eyes, nose and mouth. Eat right away or refrigerate for later.

These tasty edible Easter crafts will have you and your kids “hopping” with tons of fun. Although edible crafts are fun and yummy, they won’t last long. So don’t forget to make some Easter crafts for kids using other craft supplies so you can decorate your house with these crafts your kids make.

by Julie Addis

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