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Here in Wisconsin, school children have enjoyed 3 consecutive days off from school due to extreme sub-zero temperatures. But, as the old Norwegian saying goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.”

Stir crazy, my boys and I bundled up head to toe, then went outside for some extreme winter science—to create and observe fascinating frozen bubbles.

Fascinating Frozen Bubbles

We started the fun blowing bubbles into a bowl with a paper straw(which also froze). A thin layer of ice soon appeared on every bubble.

The ice seemed to float and slide along the surface.

The bubbles formed crystals, froze, then completely collapsed into shimmering fragments. My oldest son enjoyed scooping up the shattered bubbles with his hand and blowing them into the sky like foam.

We then used bubble wand to blow bubbles the old-fashioned way. The bubbles froze mid-air, exploded, then dropped to the ground.

Sometimes, a bubble would cling to a hedge or bounce along the surface of the snow like a ball, until it shattered or ripped.

What a magical activity! One that my children will remember for a long time, for sure!

by Melissa Lennig

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