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Kids love to do outdoor activities in the Summer. Going to zoos, theme parks, local parks, and other outdoor activities are great ways to keep busy when the weather is nice. However, Texas Summers are long and hot. If you are planning any activity that involves a lot of walking, here are some things that can make your outing very pleasant.

Shaded Wagon

We have one of these, and it was a life saver! We didn’t need to worry about any children lagging behind or running ahead. The kids went right along with us everywhere they went, and they got a nice shaded seat to ride in style. This wagon is easy to fold and fits nicely in the trunk. It also unfolds quickly, and the canopy is easy to put up.  You can also unzip one side and engage the brakes to turn it into a handy bench. The cup holders and extra storage pocket are extra useful to help keep your hands free for taking pictures and snacking. It’s also a great way to carry a small cooler to keep your drinks cold! My favorite feature is the flexibility to push or pull the wagon. It makes traversing uneven or steep paths much easier.

Insulated Grocery Bags

If you want to pack relatively light but still have space to store drinks and snacks, these bags are great! They fit nicely in a wagon without taking up too much space. These are also handy for grocery runs (obviously) when you don’t know how long you will be out, especially in Texas. These bags come in multiple sizes, so you have some options depending on your needs.


Ice Packs

These ice packs are great for any cooler or insulated bag. They stay cold for a long time, and keep your snacks and drinks dry too!



Sun Screen

Since you’ll be out in the sun, you definitely need to bring extra sunscreen to reapply throughout the day. Our pediatrician recommended this brand, and we haven’t had issues with it yet. Obviously, check the ingredients for allergies, if that is a concern. We do love this brand though. We even make sure our kids’ daycare has a couple bottles on hand for when they get to play outside.


Portable Fan

This is another great way to keep the kids cool when you’re outside. It’s easy to position and attach this around a stroller, wagon, or backpack. You can also set it up anywhere you decide to set down for a break. One of the nicest features is that it’s rechargeable with USB. Plug it in the night before your trip, and it should last long enough for most day trips. If you’re worried battery life, you can always bring along a power bank to plug it into.


Power Bank

Speaking of power banks, it’s a good idea to bring one along to keep your other devices charged as well. If you want to use your phone to take pictures or video of your outings, then you can do so without worrying about power. Just bring one or two of these backup power banks. We particularly like this brand, but there are many highly rated brands for power banks. Pick one that suits your needs and bring it along. Trust us, it’s a life saver!

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