Patriotic Jar Candle

Now that Memorial Day is here it’s time to get out or make your patriotic decorations! Involve the kids and make this sparkly and easy patriotic jar candle. With summer starting that means more backyard BBQs, swimming parties etc. When the sun goes down, these sparkly patriotic jar candles will look really pretty.

Patriotic Jar Candle Materials:

  1. Old Jars – pizza sauce jars, Mason jars, whatever you can find
  2. Glue
  3. Sequins, stars, small buttons
  4. Tea lights or battery operated tea lights

We gathered some glass jars from the recycling bin. Ours are pizza sauce jars, but you could use any size you like. Then I set up some white glue thinned a bit with water, a paint brush, and some festive sequins. There are also some great suggestions in the book for using other embellishments based on your own style preferences or the holiday you are creating jar candles for.

Simple 4th of July Craft

Patriotic Jar Candle Directions:

The girls easily covered the jars with glue. Then I held the jar on its side while they sprinkled sequins all over. We just kept spinning the jar and sprinkling sequins until they were happy with their creations.

Then we let them dry, popped in a battery operated tea light and that was it! I absolutely love them, and so do the girls.

I envisioned placing them outside to decorate for Fourth of July or Memorial Day. And the girls let me borrow one just long enough to take this blurry picture (sorry, I haven’t quite figured out nighttime photography). But so far the girls have claimed them as nightlights for their bedrooms.

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