Perot Museum Journey to Space

Did you ever wonder how astronauts poop in space? (Just sayin’) or how in the heck do they wash their hair? Inquiring minds want to know….kids always have the most interesting questions and this exhibit will answer most of them!

Perot Museum Journey to Space

Get all those questions and more answered when you visit the Perot Museum’s special exhibit, Journey to Space. This interactive exhibit is a cosmic adventure of learning and fun that you won’t find anywhere else!  Get on board a space station and see what it’s like to be an astronaut. The Destiny Lab will rotate you in a four-minute tour. Beware if you’re prone to motion sickness because it will rock your world!

If your parents or grandparents grew up in the 60s then they will remember Tang, the astronaut space drink. Thankfully, astronaut food has improved so much since those days! Now the food looks a little more like what it actually is versus the goop of the old days. Who would’ve thought you need to worry about calcium in space? Since there’s no gravity, your bones aren’t getting used the way they do on Earth so replenishing your calcium is a healthy bet.



For those curious minds, watch the videos and they will show you exactly how they wash their hair in space, how they brush their teeth, where they sleep (in little pods), how often they get to change their clothes – all those personal details you may have wondered about but didn’t know. And no, they can’t do laundry in space. Read the flip cards too for more interesting tidbits such as what tool will you find on a space dinner table but not at home? Scissors because astronauts need them to open their food packets!

Those of you out there who aren’t cooks will be pleased to know if you ever went to space you can’t cook there. Think about that one. If you like sauces, then you’ll be happy because astronaut food contains a lot of them. Why? It’s like “glue” holding the food together so it doesn’t float away! If you don’t like doing the dishes, then you’ll be glad to know there’s no clean-up duty in space because they eat their food straight from the packets. And one last thing, astronauts can’t sprinkle their food with salt because the salt crystals could float away or get into things they shouldn’t. Instead they use salt water on their food for flavoring.

For interactive exhibits you can try working in a space glove, launch a water rocket or a drop tower, control a robot arm, sit on a space toilet and more. The exhibit ends with exploration on Mars. MOMS TIP: Get your phones ready, moms, because you can lend your face to a Martian space suit and take photos. Find out the intricacies of life on Mars, how much space exploration costs and listen to famous scientists discuss space exploration to name just a few.

There is something for everyone here. For little kids there’s a space doll house. Kids can re-enact what life is like in space by playing with the astronaut dolls, putting them to sleep, taking them to the space hospital, etc. For those that remember the original astronauts you will marvel at Neil Armstrong’s gloves, original space helmets and seeing JFK proclaim that man will go to the moon in the ending video.

One last MOMS TIP, at the end of the exhibit is the space gift shop. If your kids are like mine, they will like the astronaut ice cream. Mine loved it when they were younger. It always looked like Styrofoam to me, but they liked it!

Enjoy your Journey to Space! The exhibit runs until May 6, 2018. Take advantage of family being in town for the holidays and treat them to a space journey at the Perot Museum Journey to Space.

The Perot Museum is located at: 2201 N. Field Street, Dallas, Texas 75201-1704

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