Rainbow Slime

This might be our most fun slime recipe ever! This fun, stretchy rainbow slime is made with just 4 ingredients—it’s seriously so easy! Get our best slime-making tips, and see how easy it is to get the perfect rainbow stretch.

Making slime at home is easy and inexpensive, and this colorful rainbow version may be our favorite kind to make. Unlike our fluffy slime recipe, you only need four ingredients for this one; and chances are you already have them in your home. To make rainbow slime, raid the crafts closet for clear glue, then gather baking soda, gel food coloring, and contact solution. This combination of household supplies results in a bright and stretchy homemade slime with all the colors of the rainbow. To take the recipe up a notch, try adding glitter for a colorful rainbow glitter slime, or opt for a galaxy glitter slime. Get our best slime-making tips, and see how easy it is to get the perfect rainbow stretch that’s fun for every member of the family.

Make Clear Slime

Before you can create the rainbow, you’ll need to make a base for your slime. To create a clear slime, add a 5-ounce bottle of clear glue to a mixing bowl. Mix in 1 tablespoon of baking soda and start stirring—you’ll need to mix until the combination forms a slime-like consistency. If the mixture is too runny (or too sticky!), stir a little more. We recommend adding the contact solution in tablespoon increments. If the slime is still too sticky after a couple tablespoons of contact solution, keep stirring and slowly adding. Once the clear mixture turns into the perfect slime consistency (stretchy and squishy without being sticky), separate it equally into six containers. Now you’re ready to add color!

Add Color

Here comes the fun part—adding color! Choose six colors of gel coloring, and add one drop to each individual bowl of clear slime. Since gel coloring is so highly pigmented, one drop is probably all you need; if you prefer a deeper color, add smaller drops as necessary. Start with one bowl at a time and use a spoon to mix the the coloring into the clear slime. As the color becomes more incorporated into the slime, you can start kneading it in with your hands. This step can get messy—wear rubber gloves for the initial kneading if you want to avoid rainbow-dyed hands. Repeat the mixing and kneading step (be sure to use a clean spoon each time!) until you’re left with six bowls of brightly colored slimes. Remember, ROY G. BIV!

Create The Rainbow

After you have each individual color, it’s time to combine them to make rainbow slime! Make a long log of each color, making sure each log is about the same size. Place each color side by side so the colors are touching but not overlapping too much. Once all the colors are touching, pick up the mixture and start stretching the rainbow slime! Keep in mind that the more you play with or knead the rainbow slime, the more the colors will mix together. For a DIY slime project that’s not as messy, try our butter slime recipe instead.

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