repurposecardsblogRepurpose Holiday Cards

What to do with all those beautiful holiday cards you get from others? I don’t know about you, but I hate to throw them out (yes, I’m an admitted pack rat!). So why not repurpose your holiday cards? Turn them into something beautiful that you and others can enjoy.

Follow along with this video from Jason Winningham, aka the Green Tip Guy, to turn your greeting cards into lovely gift tags as a way to repurpose your holiday cards.

First, if you’re sentimental – you might want to take a picture of the card along with the signature of the person(s) who sent it to you. Then, just grab some scissors and tape and get to work – creating neat holiday boxes and gift tags!

Don’t let those beautiful cards go to waste! Repurpose your holiday cards using Jason’s tips.

Video courtesy of the Green Guy.

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